Parentpreneur Accelerator by Alexis Kingsbury

Parentpreneur Accelerator

We help parents to build successful startup businesses whilst having time with the family they love



Parents like us have very little free time available.

Some days it can feel overwhelming just to get the kids washed, dressed, and fed. Not to mention then sorting ourselves out, doing some work, spending time with others, or spending enriching time with our little ones!

Building a successful business allows you to create something truly special... time. Time with your children, time to work on the things you enjoy, time to yourself, and time to do something meaningful that has a positive impact on the world. 

However, 9 out of 10 startups fail, or worse... they waste lots of time and money making slow progress.  

You could end up spending all the free time you have on a business that doesn’t succeed, and regret the lost time you could have spent with the people you love. 

It is normally hard to find the right support.

Most accelerator programs, investors and incubators don't work well for parents.

They can require too much commitment at times that don't suit you. They may expect you to attend meetings, workshops or events at specific times. They will want you to focus on growing their investment into a multi-million-dollar company, rather than giving you freedom. 

The Parentpreneur Accelerator membership is uniquely designed for parents seeking the ideal work life balance.

  • It starts by asking you to define the life you want to create
  • It gives you the flexibility to learn when you can, and want to
  • It focuses on quick results - so you start to realize the benefits within days - not months.

Through this online accelerator program we take you through a step-by-step approach to focus you on the SPECIFIC ACTIONS you REALLY need to take to create the life and exciting business you dream of.

The course content is totally flexible - all online and on-demand.  You don’t need to find child-care to to attend training, or miss key lessons because your little one is unwell, it works around the life you live.

The training sessions, guides and templates focus on only those things you NEED to understand and do to achieve your next milestone. No fluff, no 'nice to haves', just the key actions. Which is why it is possible to to make significant progress (if you follow the steps) by working on your business for just 3-6 hours per week!

Throughout the program you get support from Alexis and other parentpreneurs via a private Facebook group and a weekly group coaching call to help you overcome obstacles when you get stuck, or simply to share experiences with like-minded parents.

If you can't attend one of the weekly coaching calls, no problem - just share your situation in the Facebook group and Alexis will provide advice on the coaching call (as if you were attending), and share the recording with you afterwards.

Alexis developed this unique accelerator program because he saw too many other parents struggling to get the time with their children whilst remaining successful business owners. 

In creating this program he wanted to share the most important lesson's he's learnt in building his businesses (including an online software business that has users in 134+ countries and customers such as New Look, LinkedIn, Sony, Pepsi and Starbucks).  All the course materials are developed from Alexis's extensive knowledge, his background as a management consultant and his experience running multiple successful online businesses.  The tools really do work!

The program is just £79 per month.

For just £79 a month you get: 

  • Access to the online courses & training materials 
  • Regular (normally weekly) group coaching calls
  • Membership to a private Facebook community of other parentpreneurs
  • An accountability buddy
  • Personal support from Alexis in making progress towards the most important milestone for you right now.

You can cancel / pause at any time. For example, if you / your family get sick or you need to focus on other projects for a period, just cancel your membership and re-join when you are ready.

Still not sure? Don't worry - it is risk-free.

As a parent, and as an entrepreneur, you need to be careful with your investment decisions. 

So, we've made this risk-free with a money-back guarantee. If you haven't got value from your membership (even 6 months in!) just let us know and we'll cancel your membership immediately AND refund your previous month's payment.

So... why not give it a go?

Many parents have got huge value from this program. They claim that in just 6-8 weeks of the program, they have achieved what would normally have taken over 14 months to deliver. They  also say they have avoided wasting an average of £9,250 and have made 14.25 months of progress in that period (figures last updated: 15th June 2017)

You'll join these amazing people:

"I was amazed by how Alexis managed to point me in the direction of my Why in a matter of minutes by asking a few specific guiding questions during the coaching call. It was a great perspective shift to try and focus on what others want and feel, rather than on myself. I discovered that I'm passionate about helping people realise their ideas/dreams (so far through software). I was not surprised, but had never articulated it so clearly. Next step: narrow this down, so it's not so abstract. Thanks, Alexis!"
- Radoslava Leseva

“After attending London Business School and Google Campus for Mums, I thought I’d know how to create a successful business. Yet after 6 months of slow progress in my startup, I felt exhausted. I wasn’t getting time with my new baby and my health was deteriorating. Then I came across Alexis.

I found his step-by-step approach to be so incredibly valuable. It didn’t start with a ‘great idea’ or a customer need or even a target customer. It started with me, what I wanted from life, and my purpose. It was so refreshing. He made me see what I had been missing, and immediately change how I was spending my time. 6 weeks later, I had my first sales, which was something I’d been unable to achieve in the previous 6 months!

Following the steps has literally saved me from burn-out, given me time with my children, and propelled my business in the right direction.”
- Rashmi Sirdeshpande

“All the feedback is great! This is certainly giving me lots of food for thought as I piece it all together. Finally I feel I'm making some headway with this and making some progress! Using the approach recommended in the program and a connection I made through another member of the program, I’ve been able to identify that the target market I originally was going to focus on isn’t right for me or my idea. This has saved me months of my life and ££££s!!!"
- David Walker

“10/10 - A really structured approach. The perfect week exercise was really useful to visualise what I want to happen and make it more likely to happen. The mission exercise was great for establishing emotional connection to me to what I do and to others. Was totally missing before and I was struggling to find it. The exercises have really helped me find tangible connection. Loved the 1:2:1 coaching on the weekly calls. Massively valuable. The iteration has been great - I’ve totally reshaped my mission multiple times and now I’m implementing my mission EVERYWHERE. The podcasts and activities also helped me find trends I hadn’t seen before."
- Sophie Edgington

Ready to get started?

Everyone has the same amount of time available each day, but not everyone gets to spend it how they want.

Join now - if you don’t get value (or even feel like you haven’t avoided wasting at least £79 in your first month), just cancel & ask for your money back!

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Parentpreneur Accelerator Program

£79 / month
In addition to the other membership benefits, you'll have access to a suite of amazing courses (worth over £1,500 - shown below) that will take you step-by-step towards your goals, and give you the understanding, activities and templates to make rapid progress.
Includes access to 5 products:
Get access


What happens if I don't get value from joining the program?

Just email and tell us you want to take advantage of our money back guarantee. We'll cancel your membership, and refund your previous month's payment.

When can I claim the money-back guarantee?

Anytime during your subscription. There is no 'first 14/30-days limit'.

For example, if you work with us for 18 months then in month 19 you decide you aren't getting value anymore, let us know you want to use our money back guarantee and we'll refund your previous month's payment!

How much time will the program take?

It's flexible, so whatever time you have available is great. 

However, we recommend your try to make 3-6 hours available per week to enable you to make good progress.

Is this just for ‘first time’ entrepreneurs?

No. We have people who have started businesses for, or have other businesses still running. This is for parents who want to build a successful business as quickly as possible, whilst having time with their family. 

Do I need a business idea?

No. We'll help you go through a proven set of steps to find the right business idea for you - one that you'll be passionate about, that there are real paying customers for.

I've already got sales, is this program still appropriate?

Yes. This program will take you through a series of milestones to:

  1. Find your passion and ideal customer
  2. Get pre-orders for your first product
  3. Create an awesome product that sells itself
  4. Build a profitable business model
  5. Prepare your business for scalable growth
  6. Find a scalable marketing channel
  7. Build a critical mass of customers
  8. Maximize your profit per customer
  9. Expand your target market appeal

Plus, if you need additional help that isn't covered by our course materials, just let us know and Alexis will create more, or connect you to experts!

What on-demand content is available?

You get a lot.

However, it is broken down by milestone and by step, so it is designed not to overwhelm you, and instead helps you focus on just what you need to learn and do next.

For example:

If you were working towards milestone 3 - "Create an awesome product that sells itself", you'd find this broken into 4 high-level steps:
  1. Design an awesome product
  2. Build the product ‘just in time’
  3. Iterate the product using feedback
  4. Make the product sell itself

Within 3.1 "Design an awesome product", you'd find:
  • A video on what a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is, why you need to develop one, and a step-by-step activity to help you design this at a high-level
  • A link to a presentation by an expert on MVPs to help you really 'get' this concept
  • A step-by-step guide (PDF) that walks you through the steps to design an awesome MVP
  • An activity to help you define the customer's journey
  • A recording from previous coaching calls of questions from other parentpreneurs about designing an MVP
  • A video on how to design 'RRFT' into your product to make it sell itself later, and an activity to help you map this into your MVP
  • A link to a presentation by an expert on how to help your product idea be shared by others by making it 'remarkable'
  • An activity to help you define what makes your product remarkable

How will I know where to start?

We'll help you. We provide tools to help you identify where to start, and you can always ask us, if you aren't sure - either in the Facebook group, via email, or in the group coaching calls.

Feeling lost? Not for long. :-)

Does my location matter?

Not really. Alexis is based in the UK, so the group coaching calls tend to be scheduled for times between 9am - 5pm UK time, but otherwise the content is on-demand.

Can I ask some more questions?

Sure! Email and either send your questions or ask to arrange a call with a member of our team to discuss the program.

I'm Alexis. I help parents start and build successful businesses.

I'm a proud dad of two children, lucky husband, and a serial entrepreneur.

I have a software business ( that has users in 134+ countries, including well-known customers such as Autodesk, Cisco, Fitness First, LinkedIn, Pepsico, Starbucks and Sony. 

I love helping parentpreneurs because I know that when you have a young family, failure is not an option, and business success is hollow if you don't get time with the family you love.