FREE Business Startup Pack by Alexis Kingsbury

FREE Business Startup Pack

Resources and advice to help you identify what your next steps for your new business should be.


In this startup pack, you'll get
  • Step-by-step guidance on the first steps to take with your new business
  • My top ‘time management’ tips on how to get more focused time on your business whilst getting quality time with your family
  • Discounts and special offers from the tools and services you’ll need in the early days
  • Invitation to a live webinar in which I’ll answer your questions and help you identify what you need to do next

What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 8 files Text Icon 4 text files


Getting moving...
How to find the right idea for your new business
Your first steps to start a successful business
1. The 1st milestone for a startup business.m4v
3 mins
2. Why people make this mistake.m4v
15 mins
3. The 6 steps to get pre-orders.m4v
2 mins
4. Step 1 - Design your life.m4v
3 mins
5. Step 2 - Find your why.m4v
1 min
6. Step 3 - Identify your ideal customer.m4v
1 min
7. Step 4 - Find a real problem to solve.m4v
2 mins
8. Step 5 - Match a solution to the problem.m4v
2 mins
9. Step 6 - Get pre-orders to validate demand.m4v
2 mins
10. Words of warning.m4v
4 mins
11. How to get started.m4v
1 min
eBook: Worried about starting a business?
7.57 MB
Time management: How to balance business and family life
How to achieve a better balance between working on your business and your home life
Episode 025: 5 steps to get better work-life balance
How to make delegation easy
How to make delegation easy
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template
693 KB
Real example of an SOP from my business
37.7 KB
How to market and sell your product
6 step storytelling guide - by Karolina Barnes, ESTILA
98 KB
Discounts, resources and special offers
Would you like my help to build your business?
Upcoming events
Upcoming webinar: Overcome the fear of starting a new business
Upcoming webinar: Get crystal clear on what you need to focus on right now

I'm Alexis. I help parents start and build successful businesses.

I'm a proud dad of two children, lucky husband, and a serial entrepreneur.

I have a software business ( that has users in 134+ countries, including well-known customers such as Autodesk, Cisco, Fitness First, LinkedIn, Pepsico, Starbucks and Sony. 

I love helping parentpreneurs because I know that when you have a young family, failure is not an option, and business success is hollow if you don't get time with the family you love.


Is this just for ‘first time’ entrepreneurs?

No, this is for anyone who wants to build a successful business whilst having time with the family they love.

How will you use my contact details?

We will email you to get feedback on the Startup pack (to help us make it more useful) and we will also explore whether we can help you further through other programs. 

We won't spam, we won't pass on your details to anyone else, and if you ask us to stop emailing (or you just never reply), we will stop.

Do I need to pay anything / am I committed to paying something later?

Nope. It's a free gift. 

Obviously I hope you consider whether our Parentpreneur Accelerator program is a good fit for you, but otherwise no strings attached. :-)